Reading at Newnham Croft

At Newnham Croft, it is important to us that all children learn to read and our vision is to instill a love of reading in all our pupils. We prioritise reading across the school right from our first phonics lessons in Foundation Stage to the adults in our school community. 

We celebrate and embrace reading for pleasure: in our reading assemblies, where we share stories and pupils recommend books to others and in our class reading times and through events with families like our booknics. This leads into reading as a tool for life which is used in all areas of the curriculum. We are constantly updating our class reading books and seek to reflect the diversity of our school and keep an up to date selection of quality texts. 

Look out for Sir Bookio, our reading mascot, across the school. 

We asked our children what they thought of reading at Newnham and these are some of the things they said:

I like reading because you can use your imagination and learn new things like our Egyptian topic books. (Y3)

We read in our class, the library and outside. (Y3)

I like a wide variety of books - mysteries are my favourite. In class, I liked it when we read Clockwork by the ‘fire’. (Y6)

I wish we had more time to read. (Y6)

We blend and say the words. (YR)

In Handa’s Surprise the zebra ate all the fruit and that was funny. (YR)

I love the books in the school which have mysteries.  I like spooky stories and I love the excitement. (Y2)

Some stories are fun, some are real and you can find out things. I like reading in French at home too.  (Y1)

I like the exciting stories during the group reads. (Y2)